Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creche Exhibit 2010

My niece asked me to post some pictures of my nativities (creches). I have more than this. Does that mean I'm a horder? :) The bear one is not really my favorite, and I'm thinking about giving it away because I kind of think it's no appropriate. What do you think? Someone gave it to me. The olive wood one was given to me by my daughter when she came back from her study abroad in Jerusalem. The last one was given out to the children and teenagers at our church Christmas party. But my 12 year old wasn't that thrilled with it, so gave it to me. yay! Some of these are from Mexico and Puerto Rico. I try to buy them when I visit other countries. The "windmill" one I bought at a garage sale. If you light the candles, the windmill turns. I still have a couple that I am going to put out, but haven't had the time yet. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my "virtual creche exhibit"! :)


Nene said...

I have a friend who has a polar bear nativity. She was saying the same thing as you, that she wondered if it was appropriate. I don't know if it is or not, but here's a thought: If you feel uncomfortable looking at it and seeing it as a nativity set, then maybe it is not a good creche for you. I had something like that one time that someone gave me. I felt sort of uncomfortable every time I looked at it. Finally I decided to put it up. I haven't given it away yet, but the other day I was thinking about it, but at least I'm not looking at it all the time and feeling uncomfortable.

Lindsay Logic said...

I love these- you have a lot!