Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time Difference

For the past few months, I've been getting letters from my missionary children on Monday. I usually write them on either Saturday or Sunday night. Tonight I was chatting with my siblings online and saw that I got an email from my daughter. AGGHHHH! I forgot she is 14 hours ahead of me! It's already Monday for her! I wrote a short email telling her I forgot about the time difference, and to check her email for another letter. She only has a short time to use the computer, so I wanted to catch her while she was there. Then I left chat to write her a letter. Wow...I would have felt bad if I didn't write at all!

We did get an email from her mission president letting us know that she arrived there safely. He asked me to write him an email telling him about her; including her strengths and weaknesses. I wrote the letter, and sent it, but then wondered if it sounded too proud. She really is an amazing person, and I know her better than most people, so I wanted to present the person I know. I know he will find this out for himself, but he did ask me to write it. :)

Here is a picture they both sent of her arrival at the airport in Taiwan. She is the one on the far left wearing black. I can't wait to hear about her first week there!


Amber said...

me either! I'm so excited!!

Marla said...

What an exciting time for her, for all of you, really.