Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Thoughts After Voting

I finally got out and voted today. I always mark my sample ballot beforehand so that voting is easier in the booth. I have to be honest, I'm starting to not feel like a Republican any more. The Republican party is starting to veer a little from the conservative right that I've always known. Don't get me wrong, I'm no where near becoming a liberal, it's just that I feel that America is losing sight of many of the intents of the founding fathers.

I would describe myself as being extremely religious. But I'll be honest, it bothers me when churches tell their congregation how to vote. And it bothers me when the Republican party becomes more of a religious unit than a political one. But I'm proud of the "Tea party" movement, and I feel like it has almost become a party in itself.

I have a couple of gripes about my voting experience today. First of all, when I got in there, the booths were all full, so they asked me to sit at a table to vote. Luckily, the only table in that school library that was open, was behind a partition. A friend of mine was sitting at another table and was quite exposed to anyone who wanted to see how she was voting. The second gripe I had was that after I voted, I put my ballot back inside the folder they provided for me. While I stood in line to put my ballot in to the machine, one of the people working at the table asked me to give her my folder. I just said, "Yes, I will give it to you in a second." I don't know why, but I feel very private about my vote, and I don't want to walk around exposing my ballot for everyone to see. So I kept it in the folder until time to put it in the machine.

I voted against legalizing marijuana. My liberal neighbor was talking to me about the issue and made the point that if it is legalized, then they can tax it. That made sense for about two seconds until I tried to imagine in my mind how they were going to round up all of the drug dealers on the streets and demand taxes from them. Some make the argument that marijuana isn't even that harmful. My response to them would be that if it were up to me, we would make cigarettes and alcohol illegal. :P My other response is that I don't vote for anything that I'm morally against. That's why I voted against same sex marriage in past elections.

So I voted today for candidates that I wasn't really that fond of, but I did it because I knew if I didn't, the democrat candidate would win. I voted for the best of the candidates, even if the best wasn't my favorite. In general, I vote for smaller government. I also feel that we are taxed plenty, and we don't need to be taxed any more. We just need to manage better the money that we have.

I haven't seen election results yet, but I do have faith that the tide is turning for the better.


Stick said...

I know what you mean, even if I don't have the same problem where I live that you do. I don't vote a straight party ticket. I vote for who I think is the best candidate. I did vote for ONE tax increase. It was for a 1 penny tax increase to support a program for individuals with disabilities.

Looney said...

I don't know about "the tide turning for the better", but I do trust that the Lord will bring something good out of all this.

Nene said...

We have started doing early voting. The lines are lighter and it is a lot easier experience. We don't get folders for our ballots. :0+ But I mark a sample ballot also and take it with me. My husband and I usually talk about the ballot beforehand together.

Dee Ice Hole said...

I am way concerned that we are going to have GRIDLOCK for the next two years. Very few Presidents have been able to overcome a mid-term election like this one---Clinton did and we prospered because he worked across the parties---don't think Obama can bring himself to do that. Esdpecially after the things he said in the campaigning.

Max Coutinho said...


Although I am a Right Winger, I confess not to understand the Republican concept - too radical. I will not comment about the Tea Party because I am still studying it.

If I were an American, I think I'd be an independent; for the American concept of liberalism is too lefty for me; and the democrats are somewhat disappointing (and mind you, they are similar to centre-Right parties here in Europe).

I am glad marijuana was not legalised: it is an insane idea. Even the Dutch are trying to reverse it in the Netherlands because it doesn't work.

Let's see what the Republican victory will bring to America...I am sure it will be interesting to follow.


Marla said...

We share many of the same values and ideas. I will never miss a chance to vote or to pray. Both are crucial for our nation.