Saturday, November 13, 2010

Target Stores Flunk This Christmas

I stopped at Target this morning, and was browsing the Christmas decorations section. I collect nativities, and am always interested in looking for them in the stores. Target had a huge section of Christmas decorations, but NOTHING of religious nature. There were plenty of Santa Claus's, reindeer, and other non religious items, but nothing representing the Bible Christmas story. I was so angry I really wanted to complain to someone. I usually don't speak up about things like that, even if I feel passionate about them, but as I was thinking about this, a clerk came up and asked if I needed help finding something. I told him I was looking for nativities, but wasn't finding ANYTHING of religious nature. He said he would check on it for me and scurried away a couple of aisles to find his supervisor. Pretty soon the supervisor came over and asked what I was searching for. I told him I was looking for nativities. The official name is creche, but many people don't know that word. But this man looked blankly at the word "nativities". So I said, "You know, it has a stable, and ....." At this point the clerk spoke up, "Three wise men..." I said, "Yes, and Mary and the baby Jesus." He said, "I haven't seen anything like that come in yet. Sorry." He didn't sound very sorry. And he didn't waste any time hurrying away!

I was waiting for Costco to open, so I wandered over to the home decorations section. I found some nutcrackers there, and one of them had two nutcrackers that resembled Mary holding the baby Jesus, and Joseph. But it was so weird looking that I wouldn't have bought it, even if I did like nutcrackers. Here, see for yourself. I found the picture of them online.

I also found some snowglobes that were a bit nicer, but still not something I would spend the money for. I'm just not happy with Target right now. HELLO Target!! Do you not know Christmas is a Christian holiday??!!


Nene said...

Check out these cool Japanese Nativity sets. Go to:
I saw these in LDS Living Magazine

Amber said...

you know who has the best xmas decor in my opinion? KMart - all the Martha Stewart stuff, I'd check there because I know Martha likes nativities