Sunday, October 03, 2010

For Lansky

I have a friend "Lansky", but I don't have good contact information for her. I know that she occasionally checks in on my blog, so I decided to leave a message here for her. :) Lansky, I just wanted to tell you about Stephanie Nielsen's blog (AKA Nie Nie). I don't know if you have read it before, but it is really awesome. She reminds me of you in many ways. She is very good at decorating and design. She has a sense of humor like yours. :) She and her husband were in a terrible plane wreck, and are still getting treatment to overcome their wounds. But reading her blog really does help me to remember to appreciate the little things in life. You are like her in that way too, so I thought you would enjoy reading her blog. You can click here for the link to her blog. :)

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