Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sally's Investigations

The other day I saw Sally out by my grow box looking at something. She was pawing at it, but she would barely touch it with her paw, then jerk her paw back quickly. She would reach forward to smell it, but jerk her head back quickly. I decided I better see what was going on. Turns out my cucumber plant was growing over the side of the grow box and there was a great big cucumber on the end of the vine! I think she wasn't sure if it was a snake or something! lol


Amber said...

LOL that's hilarious. One of my kitty's is a big scaredy cat and does the same thing as Sally all the time, she'll paw and sniff at mundane objects, like pantyhose or trash on the floor like it's gonna bite her LOL

Inklings said...

Before Sadie died she would steal the cucumbers and eat them!

Nene said...