Sunday, September 19, 2010

Highlight of the Evening

I read in the Antioch Press the other day that the "highlight of the evening" at the Interfaith Peace day Celebration would be the "Lds choir". That made me quite nervous! I wondered if they thought the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was sending a choir!! While we are far from being the Mormon Tabernacle choir, I still think our performance went well.

There were a few bloopers associated with our performance, and most unfortunately were due to me. Before the program started, the choir director and I carefully placed the piano so that I would be able to see him leading, and so that the sound wouldn't blast out in to the audience. The time came to perform, and the choir filed up, and I suddenly realized I couldn't see the director at all! I whispered for the choir to move down, and they did, but it wasn't enough. So I took a few seconds to push the piano to where I needed it to go. I sat down, and the choir director looked at me, and I looked at my music. Then I realized I couldn't see a thing! I got up from the piano and the choir director and audience looked puzzedly at me. I had to walk clear across the "stage" to where my purse was sitting on a bench, and retrieve my reading glasses. I hated having to detract from our performance, but I knew I wouldn't be able to see the music without them. I know...I should have remembered beforehand, but nerves do that to me. But once we actually got started singing, things went well.

We sang performed these songs:
"God So Loved the World"
"Rejoice, the Lord is King!"
"I Know that My Redeemer Lives"

I was really happy with the song selection because it sent the message we wanted to speak about our belief in Jesus Christ.

A week or two before our performance, the missionaries came and said they had a song they wanted to sing too. I must admit that some of us were a little nervous wondering how well they would perform. We just decided that the spirit they would bring would overshadow the physical part of the performance. When the time came, some Elders from out of our district came and sang an incredible 4-5 part harmony accapella song! I have been trying to remember the name of the song. It was written by a missionary in Croatia. I think the title was "A child's prayer for peace." It was very fitting considering this was an interfaith peace celebration. They were AWESOME! I think the they have performed this elsewhere within the mission.

Afterwards we went in to a tent out in the yard that had tables with information from many different religions. There were people giving out copies of scripture such as the Koran. There where Sikhs, and Muslims, and Sufists, and a number of other religions. I was saddened by the absence of many Christian religions. The Catholics and Mormons were the only Christians I saw that participated. But considering that some Christian religions believe Harry Potter books are evil, and Mormons are evil, it's not surprising they chose not to participate. (meow) But it's too bad because Christianity was in the minority inside that tent. And it's too bad that in an "interfaith peace celebration", there is more of a lack of peace between differing Christian religions than with non-christian religions.

My husband left about a half hour ago to go man the LDS table for 2 hours. I might leave early for choir so that I can stop in and see how things are going.


Bunc said...

Hi D - Sounds as though your facing up to a few challenges here and there with the music. You did well keeping your cool over the positioning and your glasses at that concert. It must have felt like a long walk going over to get your glasses.

I was playing in a band some years ago and we had been booked to play at an all day event and were scheduled just before the final main act. We got on stage and I hit the first chord at which point the drummer hit his kit - and his whole drumkit collapsed in bits all over the stage.

We pretended it was part of the act - he he.

Nene said...

One time I was playing a violin/piano duet that the violinist had written. We had practiced before and I had complained to him that he needed to number his pages. (I was playing from an original copy and this was before copy machines). I had put my music on the piano because I thought we were the only musical number. About 15 min before it began, another group came and ran thru their music, and moved my music but then put it back. When we got up to do our number, we got to the 2nd page and I realized that my music wasn't matching his. I had no idea what was wrong, nor what to do, so I just stopped playing. He stopped and bent over and I said, "I have no idea where you are." He pointed to the last page and said, "Start here". I did and we played to the bottom of that page and THEN I realized that it was the 2nd page and that the other group had gotten my music out of order. We went on and finished the song. It was still very embarrassing! I've lost my place before, but can usually find it within a measure or two, but that day I had no idea what was wrong!

Max Coutinho said...

Hi D!

I am so happy that the conference went well! :D

Yes, it is a shame that Christian denominations do not get along as well as they should - after all, they are all Churches of Christ. But at least Christianity was well represented: by the Catholics and the Mormons :D!

I believe there should be a bigger relationship between the many different religions; more debate; more society because we are all children of God and it is our work to make the world believe in Him and in His mysteries (no matter what path might be chosen to do it).


Joanne said...

I just now read this blog on 9.26 and wanted to say that I'm really glad to hear that a ward choir is able to participate in the larger community like this. How wonderful it is! This is real missionary work-- leading out by example by sharing your talents freely and bearing your testimonies of the Savior through your singing. Thanks for your efforts. Delores, you are always so involved in giving service. I really admire you.