Thursday, July 08, 2010

Taiwan Trip 2006

I found these pictures on a CD rom, and was uploading them to facebook, so decided to post a few here too. These are from our trip to Taiwan in August of 1996. We went to celebrate the 50th anniversary of missionaries in Taiwan.

This is a picture of a day market.

This is a picture of my husband at a park in Tsuo Ying

This is a picture of me at a famous night market in Kao Hsiung

Here are me and my husband with a picture of the first missionaries from our church in Taiwan.

Here is the way many families get around.

This is me at the same park in Tsuo Ying.

These are two of my mission companions.


Amber said...

Cool pictures! I think China and Japan are such cool cool places, you don't even realize just how neat they are until you see pictures from people's trips. I hope to go see it for myself some day!

Looney said...

I had put it out of my mind, but now I am longing to go back again!