Thursday, July 08, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! ♪♫

Our family has a Christmas tradition that might seem odd. We bring our Christmas gifts to our family reunion in the summer so that we can save on postage. We don't open our presents then, we just take them back home and store them away until Christmas. Maybe that sounds cheap, but it does save on postage, and also on stress at Christmas time. Our family rotates giving to each other. So, for example, I might give to my youngest brother one year, then give to the next older one the next year, and the next older sibling the next year, and so forth. The only trouble with this as we get older is that sometimes we forget who we gave to the last year. ;) But if we can remember who gave to us, we can figure out where we are in the rotation. This year I give to my brother Stick's family. I don't usually make homemade gifts, but this year I had something I wanted to make. I made some small gifts for the girls, and I came up with an idea for something I want to make for the boys. I'm really happy with how the girls' presents turned out, and I'm really excited to see how the boys' ones will turn out. I even made a present for my brother and his wife. I have one family gift that I want to buy, but I'm really happy with how everything is turning out with the homemade gifts. I REALLY want to show you pictures of what I'm doing, but can't! lol I don't want any sneak peeks at their Christmas gifts. I'm also making a small gift for all of my sisters and sisters in law. And I'm not going to show you that either. :P It's not for Christmas, it's just for fun. And they may not want it, but I'm giving it to them anyway. lol But dang I wish I could show you a picture of all these fun things. lol


Nene said...

Well this is a family tradition, but I never have my act together enough to do it. I wish I did. :0+

Inklings said...

Ditto :0)

Amber said...

That sounds fun! I can't wait to see!