Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Food for a Good Mood

Throughout our married life, this saying has been a favorite of my husband: "Good food for a good mood". I really think he is right. Today we were out and about running errands and it was getting close to lunch time. I was getting really hungry. We stopped at the tire store to pick up our car, and I saw that they had free popcorn. That hole in my stomach was really starting to bug me, so I got a small bag of popcorn. It tasted so good! It filled the emptiness long enough for me to get home and make some lunch. It's funny how having something to eat can really make you feel better.

Years ago, when we were living in China, my husband's boss, and some other company management came to China for a meeting with my husband. I decided to pick up some snacks to put in bowls on the meeting table. The one thing I remember buying was a bag of pistachios. In China they are inexpensive to buy. What I remember most is that his boss mentioned several times how much he appreciated those snacks. I don't think he was necessarily hungry, but having something good to snack on during a stressful meeting just made the mood better.

I have to admit that I'm not the best host in the world. But I have been to other people's homes, particularly in other countries, where they always offer some kind of snack when you come to their home. I need to learn this tradition. I always forget, but it always makes people happy when you give them something good to eat. It really does create a good mood.

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Amber said...

totally! i love snacks! and especially since i tend toward hypoglocemia snacks really do make me feel better and boost my mood!