Monday, July 26, 2010

Better Safe

The other day as I came out of a store downtown, I stopped for a minute to get something out of the back seat of my van. It was still light out, but the store was about to close, and the parking lot was quite empty. Mine was one of the few cars left. As I was bending over looking through my grocery bags, I had a thought. I remembered hearing once that women should not sit in their cars doing business because it leaves them vulnerable to attack. As soon as I had that thought, I straightened up, and shut the back door and quickly got in to the front seat of the car. As I was turning the key, I looked to my left and saw a man about 2-3 feet away from my car. It surprised me how quickly he was able to get there, seeing that I had only taken a second or two to get in the front seat. I noticed he was looking behind my car and speaking to someone. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw another guy right behind my car! I went ahead and started backing up my car, and they moved out of the way.

I mention this incident to remind others to listen to that still small voice, and to be careful and watchful of your surroundings. I don't know if those men was dangerous or not. It is possible they was just begging. But I'm glad I acted on the thought that I had. Better safe than sorry, right?


Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Whether they were dangerous or not, that's still scary. You had that intuition for a reason. Glad you listened.

Amber said...

how scary!!! I definitely think it was the spirit protecting you! I'm so glad you were able to get in and lock the doors before they got to you. Besides, if they were begging they probably would've called out to you sooner than just a few feet away! If you don't carry any you should order some Mace or pepper spray from Keira! I carry mine in my purse always, even if I never use it, I like knowing it's there.