Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aliens Among Us

When we first moved to California, we used to take a different highway to travel to Utah in the summer. But one year we found that the "Extra Terrestrial Highway" was a far better route with easier mountain passes, and have used that highway ever since. For the first time in all those years, I actually stopped at one of the tourists spots on that road. The little town Rachel has an inn there. They sell alien merchandise. There is also an alien warehouse at one end of the road, but we didn't stop. My 12 year old took these two pictures of it. The one turned out rather eerie I think. :)

The first year I drove this road, I did so at night. I have to admit that I got a little freaked out by all of the air traffic. I didn't see an alien craft, but I half expected to. ;) If you have to travel across Nevada, I definitely recommend this route. My husband rode his motorcycle, so we had to plan gas carefully. There is the town of Austin where he needed to fill up to make it across, but we also carried extra gas in the van just in case. This bike made it without problem, but a couple of years ago he ran out of gas. Tonopah is probably the biggest town on the route, and does have accommodations and food available. It's kind of fun to go this route, but I also suggest you read up on the history of it before you go. Watch for the government's mailbox along the road. Most of the area is restricted, so don't try going off road to snoop. :) Below you will see the UFO that got away from me. ;)


Looney said...

Looks like more exploring to do. But then I still have to visit Roswell, NM with my daughter which has a similar theme.

Amber said...

how cool! what a neat trip! I love all the pictures! I wonder why there's so much air traffic through there.