Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

I have a few random thoughts running through my head, so this is a peek in to my scrambled mind today.

The other day my daughter and I were shopping in Target. As we walked, I was talking to my daughter about the cat. I said, "He's funny, if I have my bed made, he loves to sleep on the bed. But if I don't have it made, he will go to another bed." Just then, a woman who was passing us said, "Yea, men are like that." I said, "Oh, I was talking about the cat." She looked at me like I was odd. Seemed pretty normal to me. The only odd thing to me was that a total stranger entered the conversation. lol But that happens to me all the time. I said to my daughter, "See, now did I provoke that? I was just talking about the cat, and that total stranger approached US!" She said, "You bring it on because you talk loud." I don't think I talk unusually loud. I don't know why, but this happens to me all the time.


I am taking care of a friend's yard while they are out of town. My neighbor often helps take care of that same yard, and is paid to garden there. My son is taking care of their dogs, and has been spending time at their house playing XBOX. The owner actually asked him to so that the dogs wouldn't get lonely. lol My neighbor and I walked over there and were looking at the back yard and noticed the sprinklers were on, and were flooding the yard. My neighbor went in to the garage to look at the sprinkler system control box. When she came back out, she asked my son if he had been playing on the hammock. Her tone made it sound like that was a bad thing. My son said he hadn't been on the hammock at all. Turns out there are sprinkler heads under the hammock, and sometimes when kids play on there, they accidentally knock them and turn on the water. When my son told her that he had not played on the hammock, my neighbor said, "Oh, I think you have been". It kind of irked me because I could tell my son wasn't lying, yet she was accusing him of lying. I knew he had been glued to the XBOX all day. My neighbor went scurrying around the yard trying to figure out what was going on with the sprinkler. Suddenly she said, "Oh wait, I think I left this on." I jokingly called out her name in a scolding tone. :P I know gloating isn't Christlike, but those feelings of joy at being vindicated sure are difficult feelings to turn off. :)

I canned three batches of jam today. Two of apricot, and one of plum. As I was working, I suddenly remembered blogging about this last year. Is it just me, or doesn't it seem like it was not long ago that I posted pictures of my last batch of jam?


My son asked me to send him some recipes. I guess Salvadorian food is quite bland. But he didn't specify what kind of recipes to send. I used the "dearelder.com" site to send them to him so that they would already be printed out for him. I wish I knew what kinds of recipes he wants.

I took this picture of my neighbor's rose, only to come home and find a cute little bug was in the picture. :) You can see it better if you click on it.

I was out pruning one day and saw that my miniature rose bush had a dead branch on it, so I cut it back. I guess my roses loved that, and this bouquet is what they gave me for my efforts! If you look at the left, you will see the main part of the bush with only a few flowers, and then you see on the right the happy butchered part. :) I guess I will be pruning more carefully this fall.


Christina said...

I love random posts!

Amber said...

I rarely have people enter my conversation but I've had alot of people laugh at something I said (and it wasn't to them). People just naturally eavesdrop I think.

I think you should send him the recipes for his favorite meals. And maybe someone will make him one of them!

Othersideblue said...

hey thanx for sharing your thoughts i read and enjoyed,

Take Care as u do ur flowers

sammandsuch said...

I truly am your brother's daughter... all of my posts are random like this! It's nice to know we're related. lol