Monday, June 14, 2010

Day in the City

My husband had to be at the SF airport at 5:55 this morning, so I decided to drive him instead of him riding BART in. My daughter decided to come with me so we could have fun in the city. My boys didn't want to get up that early, so we left them home. I have to admit, 4:30 was pretty early for me too.

By the time we dropped him off, and drove in to the city, it was still only about 6:30/7:00. We knew nothing would be open that early. I was starting to feel the effects of my early rising, so I suggested we stop at a beach for awhile. My plan was to lay out a towel on the beach and rest for awhile. That didn't last very long though because it was FREEZING out there!! The wind was really blowing, and having it blow off the water made it really cold. We ended up getting back in the car, and I fell asleep for a half hour or so. When I woke up, we decided to go to China town and get some breakfast.

I have very fond memories of my breakfasts in Taiwan. As a matter of fact, breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out in Taiwan. We found a restaurant right near the parking garage that was serving breakfast. I ordered rice porridge, which I really like, and some hot soy milk. It came with "you tiao" which is a fried bread thing. (cant' even describe it accurately). My daughter's breakfast was kind of weird though. She decided to get some rice noodle soup. It had broth, and rice noodles, ground beef, and lettuce in it. :S Oh well, she ate it anyway, and we got full.

We walked around chinatown for awhile and bought a few small things. Most of the stores weren't open yet, but we did find some open. I guess we could have stayed there longer, but we decided to move on. We had seen some advertisements for a "Shanghai" art exhibit at the Asian art museum. What we didn't know was that the Asian art museum had been moved from where we thought it was. We drove all the way to Golden Gate park, only to find the museum wasn't there. The De Young museum was there, and had a great exhibit of "Impressionism" on display, but they were closed today! Bah humbug.

We decided to go to Ocean beach for a little while. It was cold, but not as cold as the previous beach. I like to be at the beach though, even if I never even get my toes wet. That beach isn't very safe, so I dont' like to wade there anyway. After a little while we decided to just go home.

On the way home we did get some shopping done for her mission. Most clothes aren't marketed for missionaries. ;) I think it could take us awhile to find everything she needs.

Overall, even though we didn't really do much, it was a nice day. I like to visit the city, and I enjoy the cooler weather there. I just wish I had a little more stamina! It was fun to get out with just the two of us though!

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Looney said...

My Taiwanese mother-in-law is quite disturbed that I will eat Cantonese porridge but avoid the Taiwanese style. You probably got the good kind there in Chinatown!

The rice noodle soup sounds good too.