Thursday, May 20, 2010


For the third year in a row I'm overseeing the "wheat table" at the emergency preparedness fair this Saturday. I don't think I'm an expert on wheat, but there aren't a lot of people who know much about it, so I guess I qualify enough to run the table. :)
Here are some things we highlight:

Wheat bread
We have about 16 loaves of bread being donated, and we slice those, then cut the slices in half. We have butter and jam available for those who want it. Home made wheat bread really does have more food value than store bought. It also stays with you longer, unlike the airy bread they sell inexpensively. The better quality bread available is good, but in our stores it is like $4.oo a loaf! Homemade wheat bread really isn't that difficult to make, and really tastes good!

Wheat meat
I will be the first to admit that I don't use this in my cooking. But having the skill and knowledge of how to make it gives me peace of mind. I know that in an emergency situation (like long term famine, or loss of employment) I have a way to provide for my family. It is a little bit labor intensive to make, but it's a nice skill to have. This can be used in place of meat. Some friends of mine lived off of it when they first got married. They even made cutlets from it. I think I would probably have to smother it with gravy, but it does have food value. :)

Wheat grass
Once again, this isn't something I normally use, but it's nice to know how about this alternative. In all honesty, I mainly sprout it for my cat because he loves it. But for those who juice, it is a healthy additive to home juicing.

Wheat sprouts
I dropped the ball this year and forgot to start some sprouts. Sprouting is easy, but you have to know a few techniques. You can use them in salads, soups, or you can actually put them in your bread.

Wheat cereal
You can make a great hot breakfast cereal by putting one part wheat kernels to two parts water in your crock pot at night on low. In the morning it is ready to eat!

I don't know if people really get inspired enough to cook more with wheat after visiting our exhibit, but I hope that some people will try to use wheat more.


Silver Strands said...

I'm totally in love with wheat and always like hearing what others have to say about it. It's an amazing little grain!
Have a good night.

Max Coutinho said...

Hey D,

Indeed, home made wheat bread is much much better than the ones bought in stores (I detest bread bought in stores and so I don't eat it any more).

Good luck for your exhibit :D.

Have a blessed weekend!