Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Take it Like a Man

As part of the hiring process for my son's life-guarding job, he has to have a TB test. For some reason, this son, and my daughter, both developed needle phobia. He was very nervous about having to have this test done. Kaiser told us to go to the pediatric desk to have it done. My son is about six feet tall. We felt a little out of place with two year olds running around, and 4 year olds playing games on their mothers' cell phones while they waited for their injections. But we were very impressed with one little guy that jumped up when his name was called, and marched nonchalantly in to the injection clinic. A few minutes later, out he came marching confidently along. I leaned over to my nervous son and said, "See, even that little guy is a trooper." My son jokingly asked me if they had a back exit in case he cried. ;)

Suddenly his name was called, and we went in. The second we got in the door, my son started making a sort of whiny whimper sound. I said, "He doesn't like needles." The nurses laughed and explained that this was just a simple little prick. I told them how impressed I was with the little guy who had preceded us. The nurse said, "Oh, well actually, he was upset, and his Mom was holding him. But when it came time to leave the office, she said to him, "Are you going to take it like a man?" And he said yes. She put him down and he marched out of the room."

My son was not too thrilled with the shot, and then got a little grossed out by the bubble of fluid under his skin. He was kind of being whiny as we were leaving the office. I stopped him and asked him if he was going to take it like a man. I can't remember his reply, but I think the word "baby" might have been included. ;)


Dee Ice Hole said...

I hate needles too---I can't stand to look at them when I am getting vaccinated---I'm fine giving shots to horses and critters---just not to me.

Amber said...

LOL needles don't bother me, and believe me they probably should as many times as my arm has been fished around in to find my vein, but I just look away and concentrate on something else

Stick said...

As long as they give me the shot in my arm (and yes nurse, my arm has as much meat in it as many peoples bottoms) I'm fine with shots. I had to give Sean a shot everyday for six months. He said that I got better at it. :o)

Inklings said...

I'm with you on this one, Amber.

Looney said...


My kids came out positive from this test. Then they had to take some other expensive medicine for a very long time. What a pain!