Monday, May 31, 2010

On a Roll

We went to visit my in-laws today. My step mother in-law told us that she found another art treasure. She bought a painting, and took it to the auction house, The appraiser told her it is worth between $2000 and $4000! She started to tell the appraiser where she got it, but he stopped her and told her he didn't want to know. I don't know if it would compromise the sale or not. Or maybe he is a romantic at heart, and couldn't bear the thought of the truth of its origins. Remember the painting I told you about before that she put up for auction? When she took it in, it had a "$3" sticker on it. The appraiser said, "Take that off!" I really think it insulted him that people wouldn't recognize good art, and would sell it for nothing. So this time again, she told him nothing about the origin of this painting. But I'm going to tell you. :) She bought it at a thrift store for $9. The sales people thought it was probably worth more, but they were too lazy to worry about it. Pretty good bargain, don't you think? As soon as she gets a link for the picture online, I'll post a picture here for you. So for those of you who think you might have an eye for art, and might want to hunt the thrift stores, let me give you the tips she told me. Make sure that any painting you buy is signed, dated, and is an oil painting, not acrylic. I never saw this second painting, but I did know the first one was good art. This makes me want to get out to some thrift stores!


Dee Ice Hole said...

It's only worth the money if someone wants to pay for it.

Inklings said...

That's great for her!

Amber said...

I love buying little original paintings at thrift stores and antique stores. I doubt any I bought are worth anything but it's so much funner having an original than just a boring print that everyone else has. :)