Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oldy ...Not Sure about Goody

I was looking at my blog today and thought, "This looks like the blog of an old lady." I have posts about making wheat bread, and painting my house, and how to drive. I have been peaking at blogs of young couples I know, and their's are so much cooler. They are trendy, poetic and creative. And they have super awesome pictures posted. In all fairness, I didn't have a blog when I was first married. I did write a lot of letters, and some of them were fun. Well, maybe reading their's will rub off on me!


Nene said...

I don't care about trendy or cool. I like what I like! :0)

Amber said...

I wouldn't worry about what you write I think that's fine, but if you wanted to jazz your blog appearance up I might could help you with that. You'd have to give me an idea of what you want it to look like though.

Delirious said...

Okay, well, this is where I am old fashioned. Maybe I get stuck in my ways too much, but I don't want to change the appearance of my blog. I like the green, and the leaves because it goes with the name of my blog. :)

Max Coutinho said...

Hey D,

If you want to change the looks in your blog try using Blogger in draft and try out their Design Templates (it's pretty easy to use).

By the way, I made wheat bread at home this week and it was delicious! I think I will start baking bread at home instead of buying it.