Friday, May 07, 2010


When my kids were little, and would throw temper tantrums and cry, my husband would hold them to try to calm them down. They would scream and he would playfully call out to them "Louder!" Of course, that would make them mad, and they would scream even louder; at which point my husband would call out, "Louder!" Eventually they got it out of their system and calmed down. :) I'm tempted to use this same technique with those who rant at me in the comment section of my blog. ;)

I had a Uncle with the surname of "Lowder". When he was in the army during World War II, his name caused many problems. You can just imagine the situation when roll call came around. It must have gone something like this: "Jones!" "Here!" "Kaufman!" "Here!" "Lowder!" (Kaufman again answers more loudly) "HERE!!!" ;)


Looney said...

The word verification is "rabbi". Must be referring to you.

Being called Looney is a bit tough too, but Lowder is certainly a challenge.

Along the line of your husband's methods, I used to tell the kids that I really liked them asking "are we there yet?" on a long trip so I hoped that they would keep asking. Something musical about it.

Nene said...

There was a commercial on tv in Ireland where a lady takes her little boy to the store. He wants to buy some kind of junk food snack and she won't let him so he starts throwing a temper tantrum. All of a sudden, the mother throws a bigger tempter tantrum, including getting on the floor and kicking and screaming. The kid is in awe that she can throw a bigger and better tantrum than him. Then she gets up and dusts herself off, and says something to him like "Ok, let's go home". The kids puts the snack back on the shelf and they leave. It's hilarious! :0)