Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've been reading more of "The Survivor's Club", and came across a chapter that is quite inspiring to me. This chapter talks about the body's ability to heal. The author talks about how so many people who have faced life threatening situations, including illness, have made remarkable recoveries. The body's ability to heal itself is amazing.

But the thing that struck me most in this chapter was that the author focused on the mind's ability to heal itself. He refers to studies that show that although some people suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, most people don't. Most people heal, and actually come out of the incident better because of it. Some of the people he interviewed even said that they would experience the thing again, simply to be able to learn from it. The mind can heal from any trauma. That gave me hope for victims of abuse, or people who suffer with depression.

In general it gave me hope that we can heal from any thing. Illness, injury, or trauma can be some of the dark valleys through which we are forced to pass, but we can get through them! Our amazing bodies and minds can heal!


Nene said...

I think that is an encouraging thought. I think some people think they can't be healed from traumatic things and can never get over them. I do think you can heal yourself, if you can let go what happened to you instead of focusing on it and letting that experience rule your life.

Amber said...

my therapist has really educated me on PTSD, and the reason that it gets "stuck" in some people is because they aren't able to react naturally when the event occurs because of fear or circumstance and so that fight or flight reaction gets stuck in the brain waiting to be released resulting in PTSD, but yes it can be healed through treatment specifically for PTSD