Friday, May 21, 2010

Economics Lesson

Me: Hey D, I put some cheese sticks in your lunch this week, did you eat them?
D: Sometimes, but sometimes I sold them.
Me: Well, I thought you said the other day that you were hungry after school. I thought this would help you not be so hungry.
D: I have plenty to eat.
Me: So you sell your cheese, and I know sometimes you sell your chips.
D: Yea, you can make a lot of money that way. My friend makes like $10 a day selling his lunch.
Me: $10?
D: Well, not $10, but he can make a lot selling his lunch. He sells his school lunch. He sells his pizza for a dollar, his chips for a dollar.
Me: Really? He should EAT his lunch!
D: Mom, you don't understand what a good market this is!


Nene said...

So if he sells his lunch, then does he go buy lunch in the school cafeteria, or just go without lunch?

Delirious said...

My son eats his sandwich and drink, although he often sells his chips and cheese. But he said the other kid just goes without. He said that if no one wants to buy his lunch, he eats it himself. I guess I was just a hungry kid because I could never have gone without lunch!

Amber said...

me either - and the chips and cheese would've been my favorite part! LOL It's probably just a middle school phase though