Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Childhood Snacks

The past couple of days I've found my son snacking on pretzels. That may not seem unusual, but he also had a dish of mustard to dip them in. When I saw that, I thought, "Well, I love soft pretzels with mustard, so why not?" so I tried some, and they were great! It reminded me of the kinds of snacks I had when I was a kid. My mother didn't usually have many snack foods around, so we had to be inventive. :)
--fritos and mustard
Okay, this sounds more unusual than pretzels and mustard, but I loved it! I also used to dip dill pickle chips in mustard. My Mom bought fritos to go in our lunches, so sometimes I would eat some for a snack after school.
No, not cooked oatmeal, just raw, dry oatmeal. I still love it raw!
--White bread with Miracle Whip
Nothing else...just miracle whip. Sounds gross now, but I loved it as a kid.
--Toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar
--Toast with butter, and chocolate milk powder. (don't knock it till you try it!"
--Ice cream with saltine crackers
I learned this from my Dad. I love the mix of salty and sweet, soft and crunchy. I don't think we had ice cream around much when I was little, but more so in my teens.
--Homemade fudge chocolate sundae
We did this by mixing chocolate milk powder with a little bit of water and pouring it on our ice cream. My husband said he did this too. :)
I also had some other weird things that I ate. For some reason, I found out that tuna fish, mixed with mayonnaise, tastes good in split pea soup. :)
The next level of snacking came when we went to our friends' houses.
---snickerdoodles... One family across the street had 10 kids. They would make multi-batches of snickerdoodle cookies. I still love them today!
--Homemade pickles... My friend's Mom made the best pickles in the world! They were big and spicy. I don't think I've ever found a better pickle since!
--Coke slush... This same friend had this special cup that was designed to put in the freezer. After it was cold, we would pour coke in to it and stir. The coke would turn in to slush. That was HEAVEN!
--Barbecue potato chips....Her mother also bought a big can of barbecue potato chips to put in their lunches. On rare occasion she would let us have some. I thought they were delicious!

I also had certain favorites that I bought at the store when I had a little money.
--Icee...They were only like 15 cents back then!
--huge jawbreakers....we kept them in the freezer for months! lol
--pomegranates....They were a treat to me, and I would sometimes buy one.

Now that I am older, and have more money, and can cook better, any kind of food imaginable is at my disposal. But really for the most part I'm not a snacker. It's probably a good thing, because I weigh a lot more than I did as a kid!


Amber said...

I loved making pretend cucumber sandwiches, sliced cucumbers on bread spread with ranch. Also we used to have graham crackers with frosting all the time. P.S. if you loved saltines and ice cream you should try french fries in your frosty - HEAVEN! :)

Inklings said...

I have one word: Ewww!
By the way, you had a different mother than I had, she bought you and Choral Responses way more snacks. Actually, we never had snacks and almost never had desserts.
I remember being so shocked when we came to visit in Texas and there were Hostess cupcakes or Twinkies or something like that on the counter.

Inklings said...

Okay...evidently I had more than one word. :0)

Delirious said...

Yes, when I was older she bought more. The twinkie phase was when she discovered the Day old bread store. But I don't remember that much at any other time, just in Odessa. I think our mother wasn't food oriented when I was young. Food wasn't even something to consider in my mind, it wasn't good, it was just something you ate because you were hungry. We did get dessert once a week on Sunday. She didn't make many other kinds of goodies the rest of the time. Even though she went through her day old bread store phase, trust me, I was deprived like you the rest of the time.

Nene said...

I like frosting on saltines too.

The weirdest snack I ever saw was when Inklings would open a can of sourkraut and get a fork and eat it right out of the can while she watched tv. She used to ask me if I wanted any. I passed. :0+

I used to love to whip jello with Carnation milk and then crush graham crackers into a pan and pour it over the top. Then you had to let it set up for a couple of hours, but if you were patient, it was one of my favorite things to eat!

Inklings said...

I love cold saurkraut and also cold fish sticks. I like them better cold than hot. Now you can all say "Ewww". :0)

Delirious, you are right, Mom always made a cake on Sunday, but it was always gone very fast, none left by Sunday night, and I never remember her making a chocolate one. We were not food oriented because Mom only bought the necessities when she shopped, and she hated to cook. I remember her making oatmeal cookies once...they looked like that plastic joke vomit, all spread into each other, because she would never follow a recipe the way it was written. She got better after Nene and I left home, and I think it was because Sticks began cooking and taught her a few things. I will give Dad credit though, I never heard him complain about Mom's cooking, even though his mother was an excellent cook.