Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poland Tragedy

I read this morning that the President of Poland, his wife, and other political leaders, along with survivors of a Russian slaughter many years ago, died in a plane crash on their way to Russia. The commemoration was"marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Katyn forest of thousands of Polish officers by Soviet secret police." They were landing in thick fog, and the plan crashed. It is a horrible tragedy! I have to admit that my initial reaction was that foul play was involved. Even now, after reading that they were landing in fog, I have to wonder. I have been reading a book about survival, and the statistics for survival of a plane crash are actually pretty good. So for all of them to die, it just seems abnormal. And when we look at the reason they were going to Russia, you know the Russian leaders could not have been happy about the publicity of the atrocities. I'm just sayin.....

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