Saturday, April 24, 2010

Movie Making

While we were in Provo for my daughter's graduation, we noticed an advertisement in the school newspaper for a "student movie" showing. Being that my daughter was a film major, and knows most of the directors involved in the movies that were to be shown, we decided to go see the movies. She didn't tell us until right before the movies that she helped to make one of them. She was listed in the credits as the "skyler bricker". Basically, she helped with special effects.

The movies were senior projects. They were all very interesting, although the one my daughter worked on was definitely the best. The movies were all about 20 minutes long. The first movie was called "Man of the Cloth" about a priest who was assigned to a tiny congregation in the middle of no where. It was okay, although I thought the script could have been written a little better. But I thought the character development was good, and the photography was good.

The second movie was the one my daughter worked on. It was called, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". It was based on the short story by James Thurber. I really liked how this one was filmed. I think it helped that they had a great script. :) It was a done with a little more farse than the original movie, and was really humorous.

The third movie was probably my least favorite. It was called "Bread to Kill". It was funny, but the story line was a little confusing at times.

I really enjoy watching student films. We have been occasionally watching a series on BYU television called "First Look" that highlights student films. It's a very creative major, and sometimes the films are quite thought provoking. It was fun to get a peek at the kind of talent that the film program at BYU is able to produce.

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Nene said...

She could probably get a job in Albuquerque at one of the film companies here. Albuquerque is really becoming another mini-Hollywood for film-making since our governor gives them tax breaks. :0)