Friday, April 02, 2010


I bought all of the ingredients to make our traditional chocolate marshmallow eggs, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Click here if you want directions. I couldn't find the cookies that I always use, so I hope the ones I bought turn out okay. I'm wondering if the company went out of business. I hope not, because I liked those cookies. I ended up buying some cheap mexican cookies that were only like 34 cents. lol I hope they work.

We haven't died Easter eggs yet, but I think we will do it tomorrow in between conference sessions. I would do it during, but our only satellite hookup is in our bedroom right now. I really like that Easter and general conference fall on the same day! I'm sure that many of the talks will be geared around the Easter theme. And I look forward to the music! Because general conference fell on Easter, we realized that all of our Easter music would need to be sung on a different Sunday. Last week was fast Sunday, but we got permission to sing two choir numbers anyway. We sang, "This is the Christ" and "I Am the Resurrection and the Life". The last one was written by our director. We sang "Oh Divine Redeemer" the week before, and have two more that we will sing in following weeks. I kind of like stretching out Easter this way. :)

I love all of these vintage Easter pictures


Nene said...

I love that song, "This is the Christ". I wanted our choir to do it several times, but the other 2 choir directors never wanted to do it. (I had a copy of it) So one Stake Conference we did it as a Stake Choir. The other 2 directors were in that Stake Choir and were talking to me about how much they liked that song. I said to them, "I've tried to get you guys to do this song several times but you never would do it." I love telling people "I told you so". :0+

Amber said...

I love that top picture!