Thursday, March 04, 2010

Why I Gossip

My brother Sticks was blogging about his memories of our summers at our Grandparents' house, and it brought back some very vivid memories for me. You have to understand that our family really only took one vacation a year, and it was always to the same place; my grandparents' house. We only had one set of living grandparents, and could only afford to visit them that one time a year. But it was an idyllic summer for us kids because we were allowed to experience "farm life". But my experience is vastly different from that of my siblings because I was one of the younger kids, and didn't have many cousins my age. I did play with them some, but as we entered the preteen/teen years, we didn't hang out as much. I did many of the things that my siblings did, but because I was alone so much, I didn't have quite the same experience.

One of the things that my mother and grandmother and Aunts would do was to quilt. My grandmother made a hand painted baby quilt for every grandchild that was born. She also made them for nieces and nephews, and greats. She would hand quilt these works of art, and my mother would help. The women would set up a quilt in the front room of my grandmother's house and sit around and quilt and gossip. Boy did they have some great stories! I remember sometimes my mother would tell us kids to get out of the house and go play, but I remember that I often stayed and listened to their stories. As I got old enough, I would help paint, or help quilt. I didn't say much during that time, but I sure did LISTEN a lot! It was more entertaining than watching any soap opera! lol

Years later, after my mission, I went to live with my grandmother for a year. Once again, I attended her quilting parties, and listened to the gossip. I remember once they were talking about someone, and one older lady made the comment that she thought that person acted inappropriately. I don't remember the entire story, but this woman said, "I would NEVER kiss my husband open mouthed!" As a young woman, I was shocked that these ladies would even talk about something like that, much less admit it! lol That woman had to go home shortly after. After she left, the real gossip started. The others ladies said, "She would never kiss her husband open mouthed? Then how did she get so many children?!" They all cackled, and I have to admit that I laughed too. It may not be nice to gossip, but it was a learning experience to me to see that although these ladies were old, they were still females like me, and they still lived life.

I don't approve of gossip. I think it can be harmful to others. But I have to admit that it's something I struggle to avoid. If you hear me gossip, just attribute it to my early training. ;)

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