Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm not sure if you have heard before that dogs and cats eat grass to help their digestion. I had read this a long time ago, and I have noticed that my dogs and cats do eat grass. My kids always say that my dog Sally looks like a goat. I'm beginning to wonder myself because this dog LOVES to graze! I can usually pick out where I think she is going to want to graze. For some reason, she particularly like really long grass, say 10-12" long. She likes the very tops of the grass. Whenever we pass a field or yard that is overgrown, she jumps in and starts grazing. I haven't seen her take too much interest in shorter grass. She will graze for 5-10 minutes if I let her. It's really surprising to me that she will eat so much! I'm wondering if the tops of the grass are sweeter than the grass closer to the root. I'm not going to eat any to find out, I can tell you that!


Amber said...

our dog Harriet would only eat grass when her stomach was upset, that's how I knew to start watching her because sure enough she would throw up soon after, so I always wondered if they used it as an epicac sort of thing

Inklings said...

I noticed the same thing when we had Sadie, Amber.