Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ditch Religion?

What would you think if I said to you:

"...people have to stop looking to religion to guide their moral compasses."

"Religion causes people to fixate on issues of less moral importance."

"Science can be used to prove the best way to live a moral life."

that religion, "convinces people to pretend to know things they don't know."
and that it "gives bad answers to the most important questions."

These are things being "preached" by Sam Harris, who is a "philospher". You notice I put those terms in quotes. I don't think much of his philosophy. You can watch a short video of him by clicking here.

I guess what upsets me most about this report isn't really even what Mr. Harris has said. I can totally understand how someone who has been indoctrinated in the "new religion" of politics and science could be blinded to the possibility that God really does exist. As much as they would hate the idea of it, I totally believe that brain washing can occur at the university level. Mr. Harris is simply a product of his education. But what upsets me is that the main stream media has declared an all out war on religion, and will publish as many articles as they can supporting this war. They will highlight every "Christian" crime, while ignoring others. They blame all of the world's ills on religion. They want it politically incorrect to be religious. Listen in his video to his opinion of having a president who is liberal, but opposes gay marriage. I'm sure he really believes that science can teach us morals, but what has science taught us so far? The war in heaven did not end, and the adversary is pulling out all it's guns now. But so is God....


Looney said...

This is a broken record that has been playing for two centuries!

Amber said...

i'm not so sure that science helps people live a moral life LOL