Saturday, February 13, 2010

Images From Southern Utah

Our trip to Utah was great! We didn't see any snow on any roads until we got to the street my parents live on. And even then, there were dry tire tracks leading up the street so that we didn't have to drive on the snow. We couldn't have asked for better weather!
We weren't really equipped for the snow at my parents' house, so we pretty much stayed in, but I did get this cute picture of them. The night we got there they were sort of arguing about something (can't remember what), and my mother picked up her cane and waved it at my Dad in a jokingly threatening manner. I teased them that I was going to tell everyone that my parents were dueling with their canes. ;)

This is a picture of Colorado city, which is where the polygamists live on the border of Utah and Arizona. I have to give them this; they sure picked a beautiful location!

Here are some pictures of my husband's family. I especially like how the one of his step father turned out. His brother refused to smile, so I guess this is how we will remember him. :P Below that are some pictures of the scenery near their house. You can see how red the dirt is there; plenty of iron in it!


Nene said...

That's a great picture of Mom and Dad! I think I'll click on it and print it out!

Lindsay Logic said...

Fun pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Inklings said...

I enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for posting them.