Saturday, January 23, 2010

That Noodle-Head Epaminondas

When I was a kid, my mother would occasionally let me order a book through the school book orders. I still have most of them today, although one of them is falling apart. But it is my favorite of all of the books that I bought. It's called "That Noodle-Head Epaminondas", by Eve Merriam. This book always had me and my kids laughing out loud.

This book may not be pollitically correct today, because it's about a little black boy growing up in the south. His mother talks with a southern black accent throughout the book. But despite the stereotyping, she is presented as a wonderful, loving mother. But that may be why it is out of print. Epaminondas is given some tasks by his mother, but he can never seem to remember all of her directions, so ends up in some funny predicaments.

It's collectible now, selling for as much as $125 in good condition! But they don't publish this book anymore. There is a similar one that I'm going to check in to. It's the same story written by another author. I really want to replace my falling apart copy!


GoodyMom1 said...

i had a copy of the epominondas story as a child... updated to be a little more PC, but essentially the same basic folk tale. it's even included in one of my young grades' curriculum.

Looney said...

One of the classics of Ebonics?

Inklings said...

Dee Ice's mother used to tell this story to the grandkids, and she bought them a book of it one day. I think we still have it, but it was the little Golden Book version of it.

Mr. Giggles said...

I remember that book! I used to read it, too. I always got a kick out it!

Katie (Castleberg) Hatch said...

hi - thanks for the great review. i actually have a copy, it's a 2nd edition printing from 1970, paper back (just like your pic) and it sin nearly new condition. let me know if you want it :-)

i'm posting it to my etsy store today