Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Secret's Out

I set up a blog for my son's mission, although I haven't posted anything yet. I argued with him about whether or not we should use his full name. The one thing he said that convinced me to use his full name was, "Look, I'm going to be going out in to the world wearing my name on my nametag, what's the difference?" So I'm going to post the link here, although I'm not going to link it to this blog. Call me paranoid, but I just don't like having my full name here. So this is a one time announcement about it. :) For those who are interested in checking in on his mission blog from time to time, it is I probably won't be able to post anything until at least the third week of February though because that would be the soonest we could get mail from him.

This is the weird thing: I set up his blog, and I went ahead and made myself a follower from this account. Next thing I knew, I saw that my picture had disappeared from my follower image, and I had one of those gray profile heads instead. Today I noticed it had my full name displayed instead of Delirious. I think I have that fixed now, but I'm not sure how it got changed in the first place. So please promise me that none of you will stalk me, and that if you don't like a post I write you won't egg my house. :)

Anyway, check in to Joseph's blog in the future. It might be interesting to some of you.


Nene said...

Who says you have to wait until he gets on his mission to do a post? I have LOTS of Seminary boys and also a couple (man & wife) who are on missions. They set up their blogs and posted about getting ready to go!

Inklings said...

I am lookng fwd to it! Should be very interesting. You should have it bound when he gets home - that would be a great memoir.