Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What the Doctor Says

I went to the dermatologist yesterday to have something taken care of. (I'll spare you the details.) When he first looked at the problem he said, "Oh wow!". Not exactly something you want to hear from your doctor. It reminds me of when I was in labor with my 3rd child, and they decided to check on the position of the head, so did an ultrasound. The nurse was having trouble making out the image, and suddenly said, "Do we have twins here?". That is not a fair thing to say to a woman in labor! Besides "Uh oh", and "Oops", what other phrases would you prefer your doctor not say while he is treating you?


Looney said...

When I had my knee operation, the doctor said that he was going to drug me up and while the operation was going I would babble all my deep, dark secrets.

Mr. Giggles said...

Things worse than "oops" or "uh-oh":

"If this is my thermometer, where's my Pen?"

"Did you always have that thing there?"

"Has anyone seen my watch?"

"Gee, that looks like an eye..."

"Your mother and father weren't related, were they?"

Erin said...

I work on Labor and Delivery (just as a unit clerk) at a county hospital. I've heard some very worse things. Especially in the middle of the night. :)

Stick said...


"Excuse me, have you seen my rectal thermometer?"

"You'll be happy to know you are not pregnant ..um..MR. Jones."

Very bad:

Through the door..."I'll be in in a minute, I'm just putting on this Bio-suit."


Through the door..."Mrs. Jones, do you have a will prepared?"

Christina said...

It's not all that bad, but when at the dentist, he says, "Hmmm." And sits back and just...looks. And then continues to do his work. Never did say what he was looking at.

Bunc said...

How about;

"Ok ... You have prepared a will haven't you?"

"Don't worry I can give you the number of a good veterininarian"

Delirious said...

LOL This is as good as Word Joust! :D

Inklings said...

Or, I think we are going to have to send you to the University hospital for this one.

Or, Nurse, call Life Flight!

Or, how well does your insurance pay? This prescriptions is VERY expensive.