Friday, December 04, 2009

Scripture Mastery Games: Land of Zarahemla

Today was our "Fun Friday", and I had planned to play a certain scripture mastery game. But late last night, I had an inspiration, and changed to this one. One of the kids told me that you can buy a game that is much like this, but I haven't seen it before. One kid referred to this as "Book of Mormon Candy Land", but I still think they had fun playing it. This was a good review of what we had been studying. You could adapt this to whatever story you have taught during the week.

Here is the game board that I drew on the chalk board. Click on it to see it enlarged. I had to draw this in paint, and I"m not very good at using paint, but actually, my board drawings didn't look much better. I did cheat on this one and use clip art for the armor. ;) Be sure to make plenty of spaces, and to adjust your drawings so that they don't fall too close together. You would hate to send someone back 4 spaces, only to have them land on a square that asked them to go back another 3.

Here are the corresponding rules for the marked spots on the game board. When players land on that square, they must follow these rules.

1. You suffer hunger and fatigue in the wilderness. Go back 4 spaces.

2. You have contention with your brethren about whether or not to go to war against the Lamanites. Go back 4 spaces.

3. You listen to the promptings of the spirit. Go ahead 3 spaces.

4. You desire to preach the gospel to the Lamanites. Go ahead 3 spaces.

5. You find a land covered with the bones and armor of people who died in battle. Hurry past it three spaces.

6. You meet the King and his servants outside the city gates, and they put you in prison. Go back 3 spaces while you are in prison.

Here is what I used for their game marker. Each team had one, and each was named by a different Book of Mormon leader who had a connection to Zarahemla. I chose Ammon, Alma, and Zeniff. Each was colored a different color, and posted on construction paper, and had a magnet taped on the back. The magnets stick to the chalkboard, and it was easy to move around.

RULES of the game:

1. Each team is represented by one of the Book of Mormon characters. Each team takes their turn to advance on the board.
2. I give a scripture mastery clue. All of the teams try to find the scripture. If the team, whose turn it is, gets the correct scripture first, they then roll the die to see how many spaces they move. If another team gets the correct scripture before them, that team gets to roll the die instead, and gets to move. The team whose turn it is only gets to advance one space.
3. The same person cannot get the correct scripture twice in a row. This makes it more fair for teams who maybe don't have as many people who are fast at scripture mastery. It also gives slower players a chance.
4. First team to reach Zarahemla wins!

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Inklings said...

This reminds me of all the games I used to make for the classes I taught at school.

Actually, if you teach seminary next year you might want to look through my games to see if I have any new ideas. I kept them all, since I made them on my own time with my own money.