Friday, December 11, 2009

The Emperor Has No Clothes

This week President Obama officially received his Nobel prize in Oslo. I heard a part of the speech on the radio, in which he said there are many people who deserved this speech more than him. Truer words were never spoken.

I wish I could remember the name of the guest host on "The Savage Nation" this week, that is a writer for the Washington Times. For some reason his name doesn't stick with me, but he does a great job on the program. But he said something that is kind of haunting. He said that the submissions for Nobel prize candidates must be in by a certain week in November. Basically, Pres. Obama's name was submitted about 2 weeks after he took office. Two...weeks.... What had Pres. Obama done in 2 weeks time to earn the Nobel prize? There are people whose names were submitted who have spent a LIFETIME on noble causes. How did Pres. Obama accomplish anything in two weeks?!

I feel this is degrading to all of the past winners of the Nobel prize. The accolades they received were deserved. But basically, I think what happened was the extreme left (psuedo-communists) wanted to give him a million dollar bonus for his campaign promises of cutting nuclear arms.

When Obama was elected, I saw news reports of people singing his praise, and saying that now they wouldn't have to pay all of their bills anymore. They looked at him as their financial savior. He made big promises about fixing our economy, but in reality made it about 3x worse. I think people are beginning to see that he isn't what they imagined him to be. I'm all for respecting the office of president, but my writing about him is to encourage people to look at the bad politics, and choose better in the future. I also want to warn people about the socialist tide that is trying to sweep across the world. Pres. Reagan warned of this tide, and correctly pinpointed that it would start with a government health care program. Once socialism gets a foot in the door, there is no telling how difficult it will be to eradicate it.

Pres. Obama said he will give his prize money to charities. It's too bad he can't put it toward the national debt that he tripled...


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It reminds me of why I stopped trying to reach Eagle Scout. After seeing dozens of 14 year-old boys' mothers earn their badges for them I lost interest. Many do all the work themselves, but TOO MANY don't. Also one small reason why I lost some interest in a mission--too many promiscuous boys going. Oh well. As for the Pres., you're right--it's cheapened the award. Not even as prestigious as an Emmy now.