Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Are Getting Sleeeeeppy......

I think I've mentioned before that whenever I talk to my husband at night, it makes him fall asleep. I don't really take an offense at this because he calls my voice "lulling", and "soothing". Ramana wrote about his voice that old people like. It made me take a second look at my voice.

I actually have a very low voice. A high percentage of the time, when people call my house and I answer, they think I am my husband answering the phone. I can actually sing tenor. I can sing a low D, and I think with training I could probably go lower. However, I can barely get up to a high D, and then only on a good day. Dog trainers like you to talk in a high voice to your dogs when you are pleased with them, because they respond to high voices. But my poor dog can't even get a good falsetto out of me.

I was listening to Dr. Laura the other day and she said that psychiatrists use a mellow, even voice when they want to hypnotize someone. I think I sort of talk like that most of the time. Now it's beginning to make sense why total strangers in the grocery store start talking to me and end up telling me their life story. It makes sense that one of the students in my seminary class falls asleep if I am talking too long. Now I understand why my husband can't stay awake if I talk to him at night. We actually have a running joke that if he has insomnia, he should wake me up so I can talk him back to sleep.

I need to figure out how to change this so that my seminary students can stay awake. But on the other hand, maybe I should throw in some subliminal messages while I'm talking. You know: "Repentance is essential for our salvation... read your reading assignment every day this week....The atonement can help us to overcome sin in our all your vegetables...."
Hmmm...might just work! ....send me all your money..... ;)


Nene said...

I used to throw in comments about what we were learning about in Seminary like: Can you believe it? Are you kidding me? Listen to this now.. Don't you love that scripture? Let's read it one more time. See, the Lord does have a sense of humor!
It kind of breaks up the monontony.
I have two friends who talk very quiet. As a result I have a hard time hearing them sometimes. I don't have this problem with anyone else, just those two. One of those friends is here in Ireland. The other day she and I went somewhere in the car and as she was talking I realized my mind kept wandering while she was talking. I had to really concentrate to pay attention to what she was saying. I guess her tone of voice is so quiet that it is also uninteresting.

Inklings said...

And do the subliminal message thing with your kids, too. :0)