Thursday, November 26, 2009

San Francisco at Thanksgiving

My daughter brought one of her former roommates home for the holidays. We took her to the city today to do some sight-seeing. It was a beautiful day in the city with PERFECT weather!

I took this picture on our way home while driving across the Richmond bridge. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good.

Coit tower offers an excellent view of Alcatraz.

This is Coit Tower. The woman who donated the money for this building was saved from a fire by firemen when she was a girl, and spent the rest of her life acting as a "self appointed" mascot. This building was built to remember all of the firemen who have served the city. It was built in the shape of a nozzle. Tonight there were some film students showing a movie they made about the Indian occupation of Alcatraz. They were going to project it on the side of Coit tower. We didn't stay long enough to watch it.

I purchased a print of this mural to go in my kitchen. This one doesn't show as much of the mural as mine does.

I don't know the name of this church, but it's beautiful.

The Golden Gate bridge as seen from Baker beach. Luckily, this picture doesnt' show the nudists that were near the foot of the bridge. :S


Nene said...

Did you turn your camera sideways when you took it?

Dee Ice Hole said...

The picture is too wide to fit in the space available on the blog. The only thing I know to do in that case is to reduce the picture size to say 80%

Lindsay-Weaver said...

Very pretty pics!

Inklings said...

It's fun to see these beautiful pictures!