Monday, November 02, 2009

Post Halloween

I stopped by the store and got some halloween candy 50% off. I probably could find it even cheaper if I felt like driving all over creation, but I was happy with this. My seminary treats were getting a little low, so this should restock my supplies nicely. I have the students turn in a card at the end of the week that shows me the reading they did at home. There is a place for them to write questions or comments about their reading. Every one who turns in a card gets a piece of candy. Then we have a drawing from among the cards that were turned in for a slightly bigger prize. I know it's bribery, but hey, some kids who weren't reading before have started reading to get the candy. Works for me! ;) Also, Sally found my 2nd son's halloween candy bag laying on the floor and helped herself. He is extremely upset with her, so I offered to replenish his supply. If he keeps complaining about her, I might take it back. :P

I gave a little post halloween fright this morning. I was walking the dog and noticed a woman walking slightly slower ahead of us. I could tell that we were going to over take her, so I walked out on the street so that she could have the sidewalk. I presumed she could hear my dog's tags jingling. But just as we came up next to her, she decided to turn and cross the street. What she saw as she turned was my monster of a dog! She exclaimed "Oh my "expletive"!" On second look, she liked Sally and thought she was beautiful. I am used to her, and forget how big she is. I guess she is big enough to give someone a scare!


Amber said...

I hope that candy didn't make sally sick!

Lindsay-Weaver said...

Silly Sally...treats are for kids! ;) I used to be terrified of dogs, now it makes me laugh that I was so scared of them as a child, since most of them are big teddy bears!