Thursday, November 26, 2009

Picture Problems

I have tried everything I can think of to straighten out this picture. I have tried resizing it, I have tried saving it facing in every direction imaginable. I have tried cutting it in different widths and lengths....I just can't figure out why Blogger wants it sideways. Any other ideas?

This is the original, that I cropped to get rid of all of the shadow. Maybe it just doesn't like it when you crop too much? But I saved it in a normal size, so it shouldn't matter, right?

Okay, it must have something to do with the shape, because Blogger liked this crop. Evidently it doesn't like when you take a long picture and try to make a short one out of it, even if you do save it in the right orientation. I fixed my original post of this picture. I also fixed my leaf picture.


Looney said...

It is quite a nice set of pictures you have. Any chance you have different copies in different places?

Other than that, I think blogger must be becoming California compliant and is no longer accepting your efforts to discriminate based on orientation.

Delirious said...

LOL Looney! You actually did get a belly laugh from me on that one. :D

Dee Ice Hole said...

I will pay more attention now but maybe blogger just doesn't post landscape photos.

Fromagette said...

I had that same problem. I finally got the picture to turn, but the shape of the picture stayed the same so the picture looks funny.

Bunc said...

Hi D - did you check the width and height attributes for the picture? Also if the picture plus its margin are too close to the width of your column that might have caused blogger to turn to maybe? Nice picture though and the cropped one at the bottom is very string visually.