Friday, November 27, 2009

Most Embarrassing Thanksgiving Moment

So, when we went to the city on Wednesday, we stopped at Baker beach, and I went down to the shore to take pictures. I have a long distance lens, but it's not the best. I no sooner touched my feet to the sand than I began taking pictures of the bridge. There was a family not far away, and the father/grandfather was watching me unusually. I kept taking pictures, but eventually he asked me if I would take a picture of their family. I decided that must have been why he was staring at me; he was probably waiting to ask me if I would take a picture for them. But even after I took their picture, he still continued to look at me oddly. At one point I squatted down to get a picture with the waves in front of the bridge. The waves came up and almost crashed on to me, but I got away just in time. He started for me when that happened, so I think he was watching out for me. But I still kept feeling like he was staring at me.

My daughter and her friend came up, and suddenly we noticed that the men by the bridge appeared totally flesh colored. My daughter's friend took out her better long distance lens and gasped when she saw that they were indeed nude. I had always thought the nude beach was beyond the bridge, but my daughter said that all of Baker beach is a nude beach.

Now I'm wondering if that man thought I was taking pictures of the nude men! Actually, I did, but unknowingly. It's only some back side shots, but I'm selling them to the highest bidder. ;) (jk)


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I didn't know they had ANY nude beaches in america - and frankly ew! nude beaches are just gross-sounding