Thursday, November 12, 2009

LDS Church Backs Non-Discrimination Law

I got an email today from a religious group that sends me emails about political things that affect religion. They were very upset with our church because the church backed a Salt Lake City ordinance that fights discrimination in employment and housing. Click here to read the church's news release. I have to say that I think that most religions out there don't like our church to begin with, so jump at any chance to try to discredit us. I frankly don't see the issue here. This ordinance doesn't affect our religious freedoms in any way, and doesn't affect the institution of marriage. The group that sent the email, "One News Now" made a poll to see why people think our church supported this issue. Here is the question, and the choices they used in the poll:

"Why most likely did the Mormon Church decide to support a local ordinance providing special treatment based on sexual orientation? (related article)
--The church did not want to be accused of being homophobic
--The church is seeking to repair damage to its public image following passage of Prop. 8 in California
--It allows the church to effectively play both sides of the fence on the issue of homosexual rights - i.e., be politically correct"

What I don't like about this poll is that it is very biased, and doesn't allow for other reasons the church might have backed this law. First of all, their question is very biased. This law doesn't provide for "special treatment", only provides protection from abuse.

I don't think any of the poll options are valid. I think the church took a stand because it was the right thing to do. We don't hate gays. You know I hate the gay agenda, but I don't hate gays. I don't approve of their lifestyle, and I don't approve of their parades and such, but I have gay friends. I have said all along that in the state of California, they should be allowed rights as partners, but I just don't agree that they should be allowed to be married, because that decision affects all of us, and affects our freedom of religion.

This whole poll makes me wonder about their view of gays. Do they hate them? Do they believe God hates them? I do believe that God hates sin, but He doesn't hate the sinner. The gays may not agree with me on this. They may think that by preserving marriage, I am showing hate to them. It isn't hate of them, but a desire to preserve the institution of marriage, and to preserve my religious freedoms. To me, to fight all rights for gays would be showing hate.


Dee Ice Hole said...

I never (no never) participate in any type of poplling because the questions are always written to color the response---ALWAYS

Anonymous said...

I agree with you - this poll is way off base. Most polls and studies (like Dee Ice Hole says) are biased or are used for biased results in some fashion, but there isn't even an attempt at appearing unbiased in that poll you saw.

Crazy. Sure goes to show how we just can't win in these latter days though. Everybody's got their dukes up and they all want to take a jab or two at the true church. ;)

Nene said...

And isn't it interesting that if it was any other church, it wouldn't even have been questioned?

Inklings said...

I was glad the church took that stand and I agree with it. It is basic kindness. It's a different issue than gay marriage altogether, but there are those out there who will always look for something to criticize. Always.