Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Temple Square Panorama

I posted about this on my religion blog, but decided to post it here too for those who may not visit it. This is a fun site that allows you to view different areas of Temple Square in panoramic view. It's kind of fun to play with. :) Click here to go to the site. Oh my goodness...if you go to "more panoramas"...you can view sites like Arches! Coolio!


Amber said...

i love that you said coolio! lol

Inklings said...

I love that room in the visitors' center. This doesn't give you that feeling of awe that you get when you walk into it, though. But still nice.

Inklings said...

I clicked on some of the others too...have a sudden urge to go visit SLC now. :0)I love that city.