Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hauntingly Good Costumes

Because I'm such a wonderful sister, I thought I would help my siblings pick out halloween costumes. I have selected a few below. (note: the costumes weren't picked because of any likeness. lol)


Inklings said...

Nope- if I ever have to dress up again (and I hate wearing costumes..) I am going to go as Abby on NCIS and draw a spider web tattoo on my neck, dog collar with spikes around my neck,black lipstick, my hair in 2 ponytails, wear skull earrings and a black goth t-shirt, etc.

The last time I went to a Halloween costume party I wore my scout leader uniform and went with bandages, crutches, etc. No one got the joke and kept asking me if I'd come from scouts and how did I get hurt. I would have worn one of those arrows that look like it is going through your head, but I couldn't find one. Alas!

Nene said...

Dang, I wanted to be Popeye! (jk)

I think I need to print this picture out and put it on my fridge! :0)

Delirious said...

I wish I would have seen these when I was doing mine. :)