Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foot Massage

My husband called me from China yesterday. He said that he and his boss, who went with him on the trip, went to visit the Great Wall. For those who don't know, as I explained to my son, climbing the Great Wall is like trying to climb an igloo. It is VERY steep, a little rounded in parts, and very slick. My husband went a little way up, but then decided to let his boss and client go on up alone. But still, at the end of the day, my husband's feet were tired and hurting. He asked the chinese client if there were any foot massage around. He took my husband and his boss to a massage place, where my husband asked for a foot massage. The other two men got full blown massages. My husband said that it felt really good, although he is sure he will have bruises from where the guy massaged his thighs. Then, to give my husband an extra bonus, the guy walked on his back! Surprisingly, that felt good too. He said there were bars on the ceiling for the masseuse to hold on to. He said his massage cost only $13, and the other guys' massages only cost $30 each. Sounds like a deal to me!

I'm reminded of a woman from church that I used to visit. I had taken an interest in reflexology, and had bought some books and was reading up on the subject. I went to visit her and we discussed her numerous health problems. I asked her if she would mind letting me massage her feet. I thought if nothing else, maybe it would feel good and would relax her. My partner and I each took a foot and massaged as best we could. A few days later I stopped by their house and was talking to her husband. He said his feet were having problems. I said, "Maybe you need a foot massage too." He practially yelled out, "No!" Then he went on to tell me that after we massaged his wife's feet, the next day her feet hurt so bad she could hardly walk! Oops.... lol

On a side note, my husband said that since we lived in Beijing 14 years ago, the food in the restaurants has gotten much better. Back then, the food wasn't that great. The best Chinese food I've ever eaten was in Hong Kong. But my husband said that now in Beijing you can get really great food! So he may come back from China a little heavier than he went, but at least his feet will feel good! ;)


Mr. Giggles said...

mmmmm .... GOOD Chinese food .... aaaaa ..... How would THAT be? All we get is buffets here in the States! My mouth still waters thinking about the Hot & Sour soup you and your hubby made the night I interviewed your Chinese friend!

mrslooney said...

While reading your blog, my old friend in Shanghai sent me an e-mail to state that she could not open my blog.

Does the government block the blogs? Can your husband open your blog in China?

Delirious said...

I'll have to ask my husband to try looking at my blog. (I'm revealing a secret here...he isn't a regular reader lol) But I do think that the government of China does block some blogs. It's hard to imagine how they can control it. But I do think they want to limit what their citizens are exposed to.

Amber said...

that foot massage sounds nice, when you go get a pedicure they give you one, and it's heavenly, it's the best part of the pedicure!

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

My son and I are addicts. Ranjan, my son, takes a full body massage from a blind masseur and swears by it. I find that rather too gentle for me and I use a traditional Indian masseur who pummels me into all kinds of agonizing experiences, at the end of which, I come out feeling like a million rupees. Both of us have a massage once a week and feel completely out of sorts if we do not have it.

In India, it is very common to have massages as, children during infancy are massaged daily with oil and this, I suppose makes us want the experience when grown up.