Sunday, October 04, 2009

Dessert of the Day

After my mission, I lived with my grandmother and worked as a waitress in a motel restaurant in town. There was only myself, and the cook working at any given time, and we didn't get too many customers, but still my duties were light. I had to make coffee. Being Mormon I knew nothing about making coffee, but no one complained about the coffee I made. I also attended to the customers.

One night some foreigners came in to the restaurant. They had a German accent, but still spoke pretty good english. They asked me about the menu, and I told them that the dinner came with "dessert of the day", which happened that day to be ice cream. What I didn't tell them was that every day the dessert of the day was the same; a scoop of ice cream. They ordered a meal that came with the dessert of the day.

Their dinner was plated up, and I took it out to them. When I placed it in front of them, one of the men gasped and said, "You put it on the same plate!" He was looking at the mashed potatoes. I said, "We usually do, but if you don't want it there, I can put it in a separate bowl for you." His companion said, "No, no, it's fine the way it is." His friend's expression showed differently. But since he made no more complaint, I left it on his plate.

A little while later I was passing by and the man called me over. He said, "I have to apoligize for earlier. I thought the potatoes were my ice cream." :)


Nene said...

He probably thought, "What weird Americans" at first! Lol!

My word verification is "drocks"
You rock!

Max Coutinho said...

Hey D,

I didn't understand one thing though: why being you a Mormon, you didn't know how to make coffee (pardon my ignorance)?

LOL LOL...Europeans expect anything from Americans, true; but come on...did he really think you had put ice cream in the same plate as his food? LOL...*nodding*

This was funny, thanks D!


Delirious said...

Max, in our religion, we have what is known as the "word of wisdom", which is a revelation that counsels us not to drink coffee, tea, alcohol, and to not smoke or use drugs (except when prescribed by a doctor). In addition we have been counseled not to use any substance that is addictive. It also advises that we eat meat sparingly, and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. It promises us that if we do this, we will have health, and wisdom. So I grew up in a home that used none of those things we are counseled against.

Looney said...

I presume you didn't have to serve wine? Glad the German was polite.

Delirious said...

Actually Looney, it's against the law in that city to sell alcohol within city limits. But also, this was more of a diner, so probably wouldn't have served wine anyway. I would have really been lost if I had to understand the ins and outs of serving wine! lol I would bet the coffee I made tasted bad.

Looney said...

At that time, the Germans would not have gotten any decent coffee anywhere in America!