Thursday, September 17, 2009


So after I learned about the shooting the other day, I heard that the school went in to lock down. I believe that lock down was lifted about 10:3o a.m. I received a call from my son about then asking if I was coming to pick him up. I asked if the school wanted me to. He said, "No, but some parents are picking up there kids. I would like to come home." I could tell by his laugh that he just wanted to take advantage of the situation to not have to attend school. I said, "I think you are safe inside the school; you can stay there and attend class."

The news helicopters and reporters were both buzzing around the school, and reports came from the television that the school was closed. I imagined that the streets were log jammed from parents swarming to pick up their kids. I decided to wait awhile for my son to call back so I could find out where to meet him. An hour went by and I hadn't heard from him, and I thought the streets would be cleared, so I went to the school. I saw a man from the school district walking in the parking lot, so I asked him if the school was indeed closed. He said, "No, classes are resuming as usual. Parents are always free to take their kids out if they want, but we will be holding class." I said, "Well, if that's the case I'll leave him in. I think he's safe here." I knew this shooting was targeted at one person, not a random driveby. I also knew they would not come back and risk being caught by the police who were all over the grounds.

Soon I get another call from my son saying, "I saw you drive away from the school. Were you coming to pick me up? I was at the skate park and I saw you." What??!! Come to find out, the principals told the teachers to not stop the kids from leaving, even if their parents didn't come to get them!!! My son had gone to the skate park across the street! Oh yea, great place to go if you are worried about gang violence.

This school is probably the largest school in the district, if not the state. If they don't have better security measures than this, I might be home schooling my youngest when he gets to be high school age. When I was in high school, we had male, uniformed security guards at every entrance! I know we have budget cuts, but maybe they can give up a few spotted owls or something to protect my kid.


Nene said...

I think you should not only report that to the school administration, but you should also call the news team that covered the story and tell them. I can't believe that! What is the point of locking down the school if they are going to let the kids come and go as they please?

Inklings said...

I totally agree with Nene!

Amber said...

yeah I can't believe they just allowed kids to leave even when they knew their parents weren't there to pick them up - THAT is dangerous!!

Stick said...

We haven't had a shooting here ever. (yet) You could always move here.:o)

We do have some small gangs, but they are mainly still at the beat each other up stage, not the drive by and shoot someone stage.

Inklings said...

I called Mom and Dad to tell them about Native Minnow passing his dissertation and told them about this. I am sure Mom is now praying you out of California. :0) Just thought I'd warn you.