Saturday, September 26, 2009

San Francisco's Japantown and Koreatown

My husband called me yesterday afternoon to tell me he had gone to San Francisco to get a visa for an upcoming trip to China. The embassy is near Japantown. He asked if we would come over to the city, because he wanted our son to see Japantown. We usually spend our time in Chinatown, so most of our kids had never been there before. Koreatown borders Japantown. We shopped for awhile, then decided to get something to eat. I knew my kids would be able to handle Korean food much easier than Japanese, so we ate Korean Bulgogi, which is Korean barbecue.

No, you aren't drunk, and no, San Francisco wasn't having an earthquake. I made the mistake of standing crooked when I took this first picture. Too bad, because it was kind of cool with the half moon in the sky.

Here are a couple of pictures at the restaurant. My kids loved the food. Korean food is probably my favorite! I love the combination of cold kimchi, hot soup, hot rice, and hot barbecued meat.


Nene said...

Your youngest reminds me of Grandpa H. when he would try to give you the "evil eye". Did Grandpa ever do that to you?

Inklings said...

Yes, he did. :0)

Delirious said...

Me too. :)