Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sally the Escape Artist

Early Saturday morning I heard the dog barking. She had just barely gone outside. I have one neighbor who calls the city to complain if your dog barks too early in the morning, so I opened the window and called for her to shush. She was right below my window, so I could look her in the eye. When I told her to stop barking, she started to howl at me. I thought that was a bit odd, and also was concerned because now she was making MORE noise. I went downstairs and called for her to come in, but she didn't. I went out to where she was and found that she was caught up in a wire.

We have some jasmine growing on our side fence, and the previous owners had strung wire along the fence to give the jasmine something to grow on. At first I couldn't tell how she was tangled in it. Then I saw that the end of the wire (which had been bent in a loop) had somehow worked its way in between the wires of the key ring that holds her license on to her collar. I was going to draw a picture, but I couldn't draw it well enough to make sense. lol

As I was trying to get the wire untangled from her collar, I noticed that in her effort to free herself, she had evidently turned in circles, and her hair had wrapped around and around the wire. I decided to unhook her collar and then work on getting the hair loose. But the second I unclicked her collar, she jumped and all of that hair was pulled out. She didn't seem to care, and at least she was free! Balder...but free. ;)

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