Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Right to Life

While we were in Portland, we visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, better known as OMSI. One of the exhibits they featured is one that I saw when we went to the "Bodyworlds" exhibit in San Jose. It was an exhibit of fetuses that had died because of either accident, or natural causes. They were preserved so that we could see their development at each stage. What a lesson on the right to life! As I looked at one fetus, I commented to my daughter, "People still abort at this age." It was a wakeup call for how developed babies are in the first trimester. I also was reminded of the miracle of life, and what incredible bodies we possess. I wonder if women could see the fetus before abortion, if they would still follow through with it.

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Epitome of Sweetness said...

They do. Its sick. Some places make them watch.
It is sad. I have a book about every week and I think that all the time!