Monday, August 03, 2009

Blog Name

I have set up a poll with some of the names Nene, Inklings and I thought of on the side bar. Please vote, or please leave a suggestion in the comment section here! Thanks!


Inklings said...

I thought of a few more. :0) Write and Left, Life Sentences, Word Wise, Write Words, Screen Tests, Jots, Write Now, Web Words, Key Words,Oh-My-Word, Thinking Caps, and.... my E-blood coming out.... Script Tease

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

I have voted.Colloguy is my choice.

Max Coutinho said...

Hey D!

I am back :D!

I have voted on "Verbiage" - I like this word!


Nene said...

I think if you ask everyone to vote, you'll get forty-leven answers, so just pick one you like. :0)

The ones I DON'T like are Confabulation, Colloguy, & Repartee

Have you tested any of them to see if they are already being used?

Delirious said...

I haven't tested them yet. I did test Word Play and it was taken. I think it's funny that I put down 9 choices and 7 people chose 7 different ones. lol I thought I would get more of a consensus on one or two. I guess my problem is that I don't know if I like any of them. lol

Nene said...

I also say if you don't really like any of them, then lets keep thinking until we come up with one. Because to tell you the truth, none really "grab" me either. :0)

Inklings said...

Maybe we ought to delete all 7 and come up with some new ones since we have 7 different votes, just do away with the ones on the poll?

My word verification is lessen. Lessen the list? :0)