Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming Lessons

My neighbor and I took the dogs and went to a new place for the dogs. It is a park area where there is a wharf and a beach. There is a small area where the dogs can swim without actually being out in the dangerous delta. The dogs were in HEAVEN! Duke is a total water dog and will jump straight in and swim all around. Charlie will swim quite a bit too. But Sally has never been swimming before. She jumped in, and went as deep as her chest, but then stopped. I could see her lift her paw and kind of paddle a little like she was trying to figure out how to swim, but I don't think she trusted that she could do it. I told my neighbor that I think that as she watches the other dogs she will figure it out. She has webbed feet, so I think that once she figures it out she will be a good swimmer and enjoy it. At one point we threw a ball out into the water and she acted like she was going to chase it. But as soon as she got chest deep in the water she stopped. Oh well, she will get it one of these days. There is so much algae out in the Delta that it's dangerous for the dogs to swim out there. It is so thick and deep, they could get tangled up. I think one of the other most fun parts for the dogs happened as we were walking back to the car. We flushed out a pheasant! It was like 4 feet away when it flew up. It's so nice to have a place where you can let the dogs swim, and where they can run off leash without worrying about them chasing the cows! We definitely need to go back soon.

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Amber said...

that sounds like so much fun!! Rich's dad used to have a pool and we took Harriet once so we could teach her to swim, Rich got in and held her and then let her go, she was so scared, her eyes were just wild and she immediately got to the side where she could get out, she was definitely not a water dog LOL - i agree with you though I think Sally just needs a little more practice, especially because she's eager to go into the water :)